The power of Exponential

If you are interested and learning how we came to be in this Global crisis


Gold? Who needs gold when we got Fiat?

Don’t be deceived by the headline of the story I was actually in a pessimistic mood,

but gold is actually very detrimental to the establishment of building a appreciating asset.

Be kind of asset that will withstand the test of time as it has for over hundreds of thousands of years, for aboriginals on the planet. Inside of the planet as well as above the plant.

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“Gold to this date is one of the oldest forms of accepted payment have relied upon as a means of purchasing for settling debt.”

People actually don’t really know important gold is. But they will very soon.

For we are on the brink of yet another collapse a barter economy but this time it will be big. In fact it will be the biggest, the world have ever seen. Or at least in the last six thousand or so years. Of course we’ve been on the planet for millions of years which is been verified to be fact. So it makes perfect sense that man has to kill itself off every so often just to repopulate the Earth again and have more devils seek to destroy us again. Well today I have taken to Liberty to tell you why you need gold and not only why you need gold but where you can buy gold. that’s right!

I will provide you a direct link in this blog you can utilize and share with people you know you love and you want to be safe and protected.

Some of the reasons why you should buy gold,

  • To be able to protect you and your family from the effects of inflation,
  • To build gold wealth using a precious metal native to this world that is known to be and have great characteristics as a lasting source of currency.
  • Also to build a meaningful savings account which accumulates interest on an exponential basis.
  • So I’m going to show you little company, and how you can use this little company in a very comprehensible system to let this system work for you in a way that allows you to build substantial residual as well as passive gold acquisition account.

So what is karatbars? and how can karatbars help you?

What karatbars is is a company that produces 999 .9% gold bullion in a easy to transport and easy to exchange format that was created by his founder for the purpose of redistribution of wealth.

Although karatbars has many different styles of buying potential instructor is more so geared towards helping you to create gold savings account.

The Savings Program karatbars utilizes a concept that pays you for saving so that even if you bought a couple of pieces of gold and decided that you just did not want to buy any more gold you could leave your gold right wherever it’s at whether it’s in your vault, or it’s inside of Geneva Switzerland or any of the other safe vaults owned by the international karatbars.

With my blog it is my goal to help hundreds even thousands change their spending habits and start turning them into saving benefits, without requiring no investors or outrageous fees to asset management companies and things.

“What is karatbars Associates program all about?”

Answer:” The program is a fast Track oriented goal system put together for the Layman / working class, or for the people around the world who don’t even have access to a computer but still would like to build gold wealth will still have an opportunity to build gold assets.

Karatbars has a unique selling proposition that allows for the individual business partner to make profits based off of very little personal effort due to its dual structure compensation ranking.

I will talk more about the compensation plan of care of bars and another blog.

” So what exactly is it that karatbars sales?”

Answer; “in simplest terms we sell gold will diversity, the karatbars company has provided a diverse way of accumulating gold wealth,

such as but not limited to it’s on gold cryptocurrency, it’s on gold coin system oh, and then there’s of course the karatbars cards which

contain the gold inside the cards embedded inside of it. And there’s a few more, like I said I will include a link for you to get more information for free.

“Is karatbars a pyramid scheme or a scam?”

Well in one way it can be considered a scheme scheming the wealthy out of hog and all of the wealth of the planet, it’s secure bolts for generations, in hopes of redistributing the only real true form of God’s money.

And as far as is it a scheme or scam also known as a pyramid scam it is a very well-known international company that does international business compliant with the international monetary fund, or IMF for short.

I believe that they are regulated by the United Nations and any other appropriate entity require for them to operate due to their Rising success.

what makes karatbars unique is that it’s very different than other network marketing or multi-level marketing opportunities, and that the requirement in order for you to profit or reach profitability is not determined by sales volume.

Enclosing karatbars offers you a genuine chance to build a Perpetual gold wealth accumulation acid that will pay you for years after you join the affiliate program, by using simple instructions that get passed down to your sponsored partners, who duplicate the very same simple process that you were introduced to them that I will introduce to you.

There’s not another company on the world that allows you the opportunity to receive direct commission weekly learn new recruits who join your team with or without your direct involvement wow building a substantial gold asset.


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Gold: Why go Gold to Build Wealth

I decided to share a little on why I believe you should buy gold today,

Or risk never being able to again.

If you would like to know 10 reasons why you should start buying today before it’s too late….

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You should be wary of

The dangers of waiting on

The government to fix the fiat currencies that the world economy holds so detrimental to the absolute control of the people’s of all the world nations.

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How to Build Gold wealth: Guide for a Indigenous Native Americans.

For Abiginal to the soil…

And a living man, from upon the

Face if the waters, I am a became.

Have had to move the affairs of operation in the public..

To a private team, of hard working children of the most high. In building a network of Other leaders, who want to

Get free of the social security dependency ,

Obligation by deception and

Courruption, of this land world wide slave mentality that is worshipping money, instead of enjoyin life.

As Children of the Most high you were promised better days.

We are of our future generations lively hood, the past future and present. ..

And theve been this against us, for hudreds of years, our ignorance,  our

Hundreds of thousands of years.

We have always used gold as international payment and barter systems from the days wayyyy back..

before Adam of the King James Translation on the Original story

That was transcribed from our

Spiritual belief system and then

Kept from us after we were conquered as moors of the

Landmass we have come to

calling Earth, gia , pha, and our one true planet as well

as below the surface of the material plane… so shale the heavens reflect. .. our good deeds that that our creator

Shall reward the meek.

How and it’s too late.

Start building gold every week and it should be enough to

and above it as our-Story

was documentated.

Evidence was evident, Aboriginals

As it’s trustee to build value, for your future generations.

Start create 999.9% Gold bullion, using Karatbars International..

Have formed a international Gold

Way before bhuddism, way before

Hinduism, way before the god of the Bible said let there be light

The lighting lit the sky, to make, which is the “Heaven ” we, we must turtle onto heaven and thank the magnificent creator the work put in.

Think we must died to get to…

It was wall decorated historical account of our great times as the world power, that caused us to

Divide air land.

And tax their future generations, and we’ll documented fact, that

No matter how many

If our Kind